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5 Amazing Ways to Experience Victoria Falls’ Beauty

Soar over Victoria Falls on a microflight. Photo by roger smith/ CC BY 2.0 

The incredible Victoria Falls that stands at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe boasts many accolades — the largest waterfall in the world, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Each achievement is already considerable by itself but put them all together and you know you have a bucket list destination that you have to visit in your lifetime.

As one of the biggest attractions in the region, the magnificent falls’ presence has inevitably led to several activities springing up around it. Check out the various ways you can come up close to Victoria Falls’ splendour; from adrenaline pumping to more laid back experiences, feel free to pick whichever suits your fancy. And while you’re in the region, don’t forget to do some touring — there’re lots of other sights and activities in Africa that are sure to steal your heart.

Photo by Lars Plougmann / CC BY 2.0
Gaze out at the waterfall as you stroll around its perimeter. Photo by Lars Plougmann / CC BY 2.0

Walking safari
Few things will make you feel as small as standing before the momentous Victoria Falls on your own two feet. As you gaze out at the massive spectacle metres away from you, you will once again feel awed by nature. After trekking for a distance and appreciating the waterfall from different perspectives, continue on your walking safari and come almost face to face with the abundant wildlife in the region such as elephants and birds; not to worry, your trained guides are sure to keep you safe.

Photo by Philip Milne / CC BY 2.0
Bungee jump while Victoria Falls serves as your backdrop. Photo by Philip Milne / CC BY 2.0

Bungee jumping
One for the thrill-seekers amongst us, the bungee jump at Victoria Falls is both intimidating and exhilarating at the same time. As you stand atop the bridge, take in the natural wonder in all its splendour before you get ready to bungee! Fall 111 metres from as the waterfall thunders behind you and the Zambezi River roars in front of your very eyes. The four-second freefall will leave your heart thumping as the success of your feat sends adrenaline coursing through your veins. If nothing else, this is indisputably one of the most scenic bungee jumps in the world.

Hover right up close to the amazing falls on a microflight. Your two-person vehicle will circle around the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, giving you an awe-inspiring aerial view of the attractions beneath. As you fly through the mist borne from the Victoria Falls, you’ll feel gently rejuvenated even as the sight steals your breath away; there’s a reason why pilots call the experience of flying through the spray of the falls the “angel’s kiss”. Fly during sunset if you can as the golden hues of the setting sun further enhance the falls’ beauty.

Photo by booizzy / CC BY 2.0
Row with your crew on the river below Victoria Falls. Photo by booizzy / CC BY 2.0

River rafting
Ready your muscles for some serious rowing on the Zambezi River right beneath Victoria Falls. The region is known as one of the world’s preeminent white-water sections, both due to its sheer scenic splendour and the turbulent waters that make for great rafting. Grab your paddles and row in unity with your group as you sail beneath the waterfall and through the Batoka Gorge. Although it may be hard work, there are really scant other ways you’ll be able to come so close to the waters and when you look up to see the falls in all its glory, you’ll feel as though all your prior effort was worthwhile.

Photo by Mike / CC BY 2.0
Take a sunset cruise on the calm waters above the falls. Photo by Mike / CC BY 2.0

Sunset cruise
One of the more relaxing options on the list, travellers who are craving a more laid back holiday can opt for a sunset cruise. As you meander on the Zambezi Rivers above the falls, spot birds flying overhead and animals frolicking on the distant shores. Your comfortable charter even provides meals and wine, adding to the luxury of the experience. Although all you get to see of the waterfall is the river above it, the scene as the sun falls over the horizon is no less inspiring.

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