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5 glamping holidays perfect for the family

Immerse yourself in South America’s staggering natural offerings. Photo by david takes photos / CC BY-NC 2.0

It can be hard to gather the family for quality time together so it’s all the more important to make every moment count. On a glamping holiday, you’ll immerse in fun experiences and adventures in picturesque landscapes, resulting in precious memories for the whole family!

Whether you want to have a more laid-back vacation, partake in exciting activities around the region or interact with animals in their natural habitats, these top glamping picks will cater to your preferences. From comfortable private lodging to top-notch amenities and services, rest assured that your needs will be well taken care of even as you enjoy the best that the great outdoors has to offer.

Experience Patagonia’s abundant nature

If you’d like to introduce your kids to the beauty of pristine nature and outdoor adventure in one of the most untouched places in the world, hop over to South America. Your family will be wowed by the incredible landscape as you sail up close to towering glaciers, trot across Chile‘s stunning Torres del Paine National Park on horseback and encounter native wild animals such as guanacos and ostriches on nature walks. Older children can also experience ice trekking on a glacier, try fly fishing and go on bike excursions.

Back in your two-storey family dome, watch the sunset from your outdoor terrace and take in the spectacular views of the night sky via the ceiling windows as you slowly sink into a restful slumber.

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Learn about local cultures and outdoor survival skills in Africa. Image by andBeyond.

Embrace Africa’s wilderness

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of going on a safari with your family! Available in Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania, these luxurious tented camps parked near popular game viewing spots offer activities that will interest every member of the family. Your little ones will be jumping at the opportunity to participate in activities revolving around the natural environment such as tracking and fishing expeditions, crafting and painting and more.

And whilst they immerse themselves in Africa’s wonders, you’ll have space to relax with a glass of bubbly in your outdoor terrace or recharge with in-room massages. The family will also have plenty of quality time together spotting wildlife on game drives, going boating and interacting with the locals!

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Commune with nature at this peaceful Japanese retreat. Image by Hoshinoya.

Recharge yourself in the serene Japanese woods

Soaking in the buzz of Japan‘s biggest cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka make for exciting experiences but can also get too hectic for our comfort at times. If you feel the same way, why not escape the hustle and bustle in the peaceful woods?

Immerse yourself in nature as you explore a grassy path barefoot hand in hand with your loved ones, picnic atop a slope looking out over the iconic Mount Fuji and roast marshmallows together around a communal bonfire. Older children will also have the opportunity to go horseback riding through verdant greenery and canoe across the stunning Lake Kawaguchi.

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Gaze out over the Swiss Alps in your private igloo. Image by Whitepod.

Stay on igloos high up in the Swiss Alps

If the idea of staying in a cosy igloo tucked on the side of a mountain in Switzerland entices you, this is just the place you’ve been looking for. During the warmer weather, you can enjoy family-friendly activities such as hikes with dogs, a guided forest discovery where you’ll learn about edible plants and a horse carriage ride in a quaint village.

In the snowy season, opt to go dogsledding and snowshoe hiking; your children may even experience the first ski of their lives on these hills. At the end of a great day outdoors, soothe your tired muscles with a therapeutic massage session suitable for both the young and old.

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Befriend gentle giants and learn all about their habits. Photo by Daniel Meyer / CC BY-NC 2.0

Interact with friendly elephants in Thailand

Do you have a soft spot for elephants? At this luxury camp nestled in one of Thailand’s forests, you’ll be able to personally interact with the gentle giants as they go about their daily lives. Accompany the animals on walks, learn all about their behaviour and biology from experts, help to shower them and enjoy a picnic in their company! Apart from spending time with the friendly elephants, your family can also enjoy leisurely boat rides on the Mekong River, plant rice and trees and go on day trips to explore attractions such as historic temples and tea plantations in the surrounding regions. Your cosy suite also comes outfitted with a balcony so you can enjoy panoramic views of the lush forest while you relax.

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