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Holidays are back, but things are slightly different.

In a nutshell, the new travel reality is: there’s an abundance of caution; travel costs are up due to enhanced protective measures; trips will require a longer lead time, possibly double, to secure the best arrangements; and it’s increasingly tricky to keep track of the who, what, where, when and even the how.

This new travel reality we face is inconvenient and a tad annoying. However, all that’s required of you is some minor adjustments. As always, we’ll take care of the tedious stuff so you only need to focus on enjoying your bespoke post COVID-19 holidays.

How will we partner you for the new travel reality?

We’ll partner you for the new travel reality by emphasising safety. The team at Quotient is committed to your on-trip safety and security – as we’ve been from our humble beginnings.

Leading luxury hotel brands have already outlined new technology partnerships and cleaning protocols to welcome guests once the pandemic is under control. Marriott International, for instance, is testing the use of ultraviolet technology to sanitise hotel room keys and devices shared by hotel staff, on top of including electrostatic sprayers and hospital-grade disinfectant.

Hotels are, of course, just one aspect of bespoke holidays. Hence, we’re working with our ground partners around the world to implement new health and safety SOPs for all Quotient travellers. We’re advocating similar standards of hygiene and sanitisation in the whole service chain – from the airport meet & greet service provider to your personal driver and guide to the private cooking lesson you’re booked for. This is possible due to the timely efforts of global tourism bodies, particularly the World Tourism Organization with its Restarting Tourism guidelines and the World Travel & Tourism Council, which has launched a Safe Travels safety stamp for a broad range of travel players who meet its health and hygiene protocols.

We’ll partner you for the new travel reality by emphasising knowledge and expertise. We’ve been tracking and will continue to evaluate the pandemic management of governments and local tourism authorities, medical facilities, and impact from related developments.

We’ll partner you for the new travel reality by also emphasising creativity. Quality holidays and travel experiences will always be in demand while the supply of finest travel architects and products is limited. Yet, as your travel advisors we’ll continuously help you derive extreme value from your journeys.

To this end, we recommend you not only think about the first of your post COVID-19 holidays but also take some time to consider your significant journeys up to 2023. This way, we can help you secure the best arrangements and lock in incentivised pricing in the COVID-19 recovery phase. Now’s the time to determine your travel purposes and travel goals and share them with us so we can help chart your travel future.

Last but not least, we’ll partner you for the new travel reality by emphasising flexibility. Don’t let your unpredictable schedule or uncertainties around global travel recovery stop you from making travel plans. We’ll offer you peace of mind on your holiday investments.

Although we’ve recently made adjustments in our policies around amendment, postponement and cancellation for enhanced flexibility, as well as introduce refundable deposits, we’re working on another round of revisions to allow you to better navigate this new travel reality. More details will be shared with you later this year.

Our dedication to your interests as a traveller and the pleasure you derive from a well-planned and well-executed holiday has never wavered all these years. We look forward to planning many more meaningful, extraordinary holidays for and with you.

Javiny & Hui-Juan


Quotient co-founder Javiny Lim


When not pouring over client proposals and business reports, you’ll find Javiny on the course trying to fulfil her pro golfer ambitions, planning her next driving holiday or catching up with friends over aged whisky. Her try-everything enthusiasm has led her to different corners of the world, including Antarctica.

Quotient co-founder Lim Hui Juan


A Six Sigma Black Belt, Hui-Juan is wired with just about the right amount of patience and smarts to figure out how things work. The keen photographer and growing advocate for sustainability enjoys unhurried conversations about wildlife conservation and considers herself a fan of the slow food movement.