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Asia Workshops to Keep Your Children Happy on Holiday

Enjoy picking fresh strawberries in Gyeonggi before turning them into a scrumptious jam on-site. Image credit: Gyeonggi Tourism Organisation

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ family holiday where the ménage can unwind together and are brought closer together with new experiences? After all, the thought of being surrounded by your loved ones as you enjoy exceptional views at different destinations and the world-class food is an undeniably heartwarming one. Yet, while the sightseeing may keep the older ones well-satisfied, we know it can sometimes be a challenge to keep the little ones as entertained.

Let your worries be alleviated with workshops specifically tailored for children aged six and above. On your next vacation, consider putting a few hours aside to indulge your youngsters with activities that interest them. From playacting as ninjas to creating strawberry jam from start to finish, Quotient highlights five experiences that the whole family can enjoy together. As a bonus, you’ll not only pick-up a new skill but also leave with personalised souvenirs to remember your holiday by in some cases!

 Fledgling ninjas will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the essential tools of the profession. Image credit: Musashi Ninja

Fledgling ninjas will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the essential tools of the profession. Image credit: Musashi Ninja

Become a certified ninja in Tokyo
Mysterious figures armed with stealthy skills, ninjas are well-worthy of fascination even if it’s just for the key roles they played in Japanese history. Also known as shinobi, these characters remain popularised in the modern day with cultural productions such as movies, books and games. In Tokyo, don your own ninja outfit and master the basics of being a ninja. Besides self-defence and meditation techniques, students will also learn how to blend into their surroundings as befitting of a pro. At the end of the session, you and your little ones can take a picture together all decked out in your ninja gear to commemorate the special occasion.

Having frequently topped travel lists over the past couple of years, Tokyo brims with a smorgasbord of things to see and do. From ancient temples and serene parks in the city centre to sprawling malls and high-rise buildings in every direction, the Japanese capital is an addictive mix of the old and new. While in Tokyo, feast on some of the best sushi in the world and catch a fascinating robot show or a sumo wrestling match for a taste of the local culture.

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Image credit: Chun Shui Tang
Make your own bubble tea at the shop that invented the beverage. Image credit: Chun Shui Tang

Concoct your own bubble tea in Taichung
One of the country’s most famous food exports, bubble tea has since spread to many of the major cities of the world. Typically a tea-based drink flavoured with syrup and topped with bite-sized ingredients such as chewy tapioca pearls, bubble tea has spawned countless variations since its inception. Fans of the drink will delight in mixing their very own bubble tea in Taichung at the reported birthplace of the beverage. Add in your preferred quantity of milk powder, tapioca pearls and tea into a shaker and learn how best to mix the components to produce a high-quality product. Easy and interactive enough for the kids to love, we think!

A major city in Taiwan, the buzzing Taichung has an eclectic energy that draws visitors. A cosmopolitan destination at heart, Taichung offers more than just modern comforts with its natural attractions and local flavour. Besides the largest art museum in Asia, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the Gaomei Wetlands, a large mudflat teeming with flora and fauna, the city is also home to the one-of-a-kind mural-filled Rainbow Village.

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Image credit: Fabio Lorenzo
Help your children concoct a personalised scent. Image credit: Fabio Lorenzo

Create your signature scent in Bali
Just a mention of the island paradise Bali evokes thoughts of the sun warming the skin, fine grains of sand between the toes and an endlessly blue sea to gaze out at. Often the choice destination for a quick getaway, Bali also offers a children perfume workshop for the family to create a special scent to remember the place by. Choose from citrus, flowers, fruit and intriguing food notes such as chocolate and bubble gum before using droppers to concoct your fragrance. A 30-millilitre bottle of perfume along with an official certificate endorsing your new-found perfumery skills awaits you at the end of the session.

What better way is there to soak in the tropical vibes than with a series of adventures on the shores of Bali? From water sports to island hopping or just soaking in the rays, these are the activities perfect beach holidays are made of. Or, venture in-land for some authentic culture and adventure by visiting landmarks such as centuries-old temples, gushing waterfalls and meandering rice terraces.  

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Make strawberry jam in Gyeonggi
Those of us who live in the city may fantasise partaking in outdoorsy experiences from time to time. Reconnect with nature at a strawberry farm in Seoul, where you and your children can wander around and pick ripe red berries from the delicate blooming plants. Then, either pop the sweet fruit straight into your mouth for a delightful flavour explosion or concoct your own strawberry jam right on the farm’s premises by mashing your freshly-picked berries and simmering it in a provided saucepan. Your homemade jam quite literally can’t get any fresher than that.

Let the learning continue at Gyeonggi with a visit to the Hanok Experience Village. There, your family will glimpse into the lifestyle of traditional Koreans and can even partake in a tea ceremony or watch as a traditional wedding takes place. Later, unwind with some exhilarating fun at Yongin Everland, South Korea‘s largest theme park. During your visit, wonder at animals at the Wild Safari or hop aboard one of the many rides for a rollercoaster of a time.

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Photo by Mukashi Mukashi Photography / CC BY 2.0
The intricate lanterns in Hoi An make for popular souvenirs to take home. Photo by Mukashi Mukashi Photography / CC BY 2.0

Craft lanterns in Hoi An
When the colourful silk lanterns of all shapes and sizes lining the streets of Hoi An light up is when the historic city truly sparks to life. Often draped on thin strings stretched between buildings or clustered together on display walls, these trinkets have long become synonymous with Hoi An’s culture. Attend a lantern making workshop in the city together with your loved ones to put your personal touches on the souvenir. From creating the frame to selecting colours and piecing the lantern together, the process is facilitated by a professional craftsman so that even young children will encounter little difficulty. These decorative lanterns, which can be flattened and folded for easy storage, make for ideal memorabilia to take home.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site located along Vietnam‘s coastline, Hoi An overflows with old-school charm and quaint architecture from the 17th and 18th century. In fact, the mesh of cultures makes it not uncommon to pass by Chinese shop houses, French colonial buildings and Vietnamese homes on a single stroll around town. Board a kayak for a ride through the water coconut groves and spot some wildlife or cycle through Tra Que Village, also dubbed The Green Paradise, to try tasty local dishes prepared with fresh produce from the surrounding farmlands.

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