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Get High with These Elevated Attractions New in 2017

As you cross the suspension bridge, the famous Matterhorn can be seen on the horizon. Image by Valentin Flauraud.

There’s something empowering about standing up-high gazing out at all the beauty that surrounds you. Whether you feel as if you’re on equal footing as lofty mountain peaks, hovering above busy cityscapes or squinting at majestic landmarks far off in the distance, the views from a vantage point are stirring.

Needless to say, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out literal new highs so we can once again uncover panoramic vistas to feast our eyes on. Feel on top of the world when you visit these elevated attractions that launched in 2017. Don’t forget to bring your cameras along — these unbeatable views are definitely ones you will want to capture.

Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, Switzerland
Impressively constructed within a mere 10 weeks in commemoration of the country’s birthday, the attraction now holds the honour of being the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. The steel bridge that straddles Zermatt and Grachen stretches 494 metres and is just wide enough for a single person to pass through at any one time. Hovering at a height of 85 metres above the Grabengufer ravine, crossing the see-through bridge is advised against for those who have a fear of heights. The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is also a part of the Europaweg foot trail and has proven to be popular amongst hikers.

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The Seoullo 7017 affords stellar night views of the city. Image by Korea Tourism Organization.

Seoullo 7017, South Korea
Inspired by New York City’s High Line Sky Park, the South Korean elevated urban walkway aims to inject life into the sprawling city of Seoul. The 1.64-kilometre-long structure that used to be an abandoned flyover links Namdaemun market, the popular shopping district of Myeong-dong, the iconic Namsan Mountain and Seoul Station with pedestrian paths. Far beyond a mere walkway, the Seoullo 7017 boasts its own sky park with 200 different flora species, art installations, eight different eateries and even an official gift shop. With its prime location in the middle of the city, the walkway is also an ideal photography spot.

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Image by Bård Basberg/Loen Skylift
Stand above mountain peaks in a matter of minutes. Image by Bård Basberg/Loen Skylift

Loen Skylift, Norway
A cable car located in the heart of Norway’s fjords, the Loen Skylift is bound to provide unparalleled views of the spectacular visage of steep cliffs rising from unbelievably blue waters. In a short five minutes, you will rise more than one kilometre to arrive at the top of Mount Hoven, where you can then savour the breathtaking vistas from a viewing platform. The world’s steepest aerial ropeway will also provide easy access to hiking and walking trails, and winter activities such as snowshoeing and skiing, during the season.

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Feel dwarfed by the impressive mountains all around you. Video by Mashable via GIPHY

Glass bridges, China
China’s moment with glass bridges is still going strong. Over the recent year, the country has launched new bridges in the Hubei, Hebei and Hunan provinces. The most recent glass skywalk in the East Taihang Scenic Area, which stands at a height of 1.2 kilometres above sea level, shocked tourists with an interactive effect that mimicked glass cracking beneath your feet — thankfully for us, the frankly terrifying simulation has since been removed. For a less jumpy experience, traverse the glass bridge at Mount Langya, which is elevated 450 metres above a yawning gorge. The walkway is connected to a circular observation deck, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountainous national forest conservation area.    

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Look down at the labyrinthine city sprawled beneath. Image by Lotte World Tower Observatory Seoul Sky

Seoul Sky, South Korea
Long known as Seoul’s tallest building, the Lotte World Tower is now home to the third highest observation deck in the world. Dubbed the Seoul Sky, the attraction is also the world’s highest observation deck with a glass floor — a visit to that particular floor is not for the faint-hearted. Get a vantage point of the city as it buzzes beneath your feet, toast with bubbly champagne at the building’s highest floor or gaze out from the two-storey high glass windows at the faraway Songdo, Incheon and the Yellow Sea. The attraction 500 metres above ground also features the Sky Shuttle elevator, which broke world records for being the elevator that covers the longest distance.

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