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Quotient’s Top Travel Moments of 2018

2018 was an enlightening year for the Quotient team. Together and apart, we travelled the world in search of meaningful experiences and lesser-known wonders we couldn’t peel ourselves away from, honing our knowledge all the while so we can plan better holidays for you.

Thinking about cruising to Antarctica, going on a couple’s trip to Croatia or taking a family holiday to Japan? Be inspired by our adventures abroad with this round-up of each team members’ top travel moments of the year and drop us a note if you’d like to know more about our travels!

Laura in Nepal (Travel Consultant)

This was the final stretch of a week-long hike to Annapurna Base Camp. The grand mountain peaks that surrounded me and the whole hiking adventure itself was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Freddy in the United Kingdom (Travel Operations Executive)

My family lives in Myanmar and this trip was the first time I was able to take them on a holiday to such a faraway country. I’m glad I had the chance to explore the wonderful sights of England and Scotland with them!

Tung Ling in Morocco (Principal Travel Consultant)

Pictured here is the host of the band “Les Pigeons du Sable” and I. We stopped here for delicious Berber-style pizza and enchanting music performed by the Gnaoua tribe musicians, whose ancestors were originally from black Africa. We were even encouraged to take the floor and dance along, which was really fun.

Dex in India (Partnerships Executive)

India is home to more magnificent architecture than just the great Taj Mahal. Here in Amer fort, I was overwhelmed by the intricate Hindu wall murals that embody a whole new level of extravagance the royalty had a taste for.

Mei Jun in Scotland (Travel Operations Executive)

When a fellow hiker told us to take this route, I sure wasn’t expecting to cross a lake to reach the waterfall on the other side via a wire bridge like this. The hair-raising experience was definitely a first but I’m glad I did it!

Xuyuan in Greece (Product Development Executive)

Besides a thoroughly fascinating history, the charming town of Kalambaka had incredible scenery as you can tell. I took the opportunity to enjoy multiple hikes and a via ferrata on the surrounding mountains such as the iconic Meteora during my trip here.

Chen Kang in Croatia (Travel Consultant)

The day my wife and I went on a “Game of Thrones” walking tour in Dubrovnik coincided with the World Cup finals this year where Croatia played against France — it’s such a pity they lost but we nonetheless had a great time uncovering the town’s various associations with the television show we’re fans of.

Javiny in Antarctica (Managing Director)

Completed the second big hike in my lifetime at the scenic Telefon bay. I enjoyed the quiet moments just sitting still on the snow and observing and appreciating wildlife at arm’s length; it was really cool getting up close to icebergs and cute wild penguins! When not on an expedition, I also loved resting in the comfort of our luxury cruise ship, dining on lobster and congee, and sipping on cognac, champagnes, Opus One and Margot.

Houying in Ecuador (Product Development Manager)

It was humbling to witness up close the social interaction of a species native to the Galapagos Islands, the blue-feet booby! Everyone in our group held our breath when we saw the male booby start to go into a courtship dance for his partner — he was such a proud but funny fella. The park rangers take great care to educate travellers about the delicate but resilient environment and it was a sobering reminder that we need to do more for in our little ways to preserve our planet’s biodiversity.

Yen Siu in Norway (Senior Marketing Executive)

Here I am on my first snowshoe hike ever and I’m happy to report that the activity is not as difficult as it may look. This was a particularly adventurous trip to Norway where I also drove a husky sled, completed a via ferrata and zoomed around on a RIB boat tour. The fun winter activities we never have a chance to partake in back home in sunny Singapore made this visit particularly memorable.

Lionel in China (Senior Travel Operations Executive)

China was a destination this year that really surprised me and left me longing to go back to explore other parts of the country. Being of Chinese ethnicity myself and having heard so much about China prior to my visit, it was pretty surreal to finally see the place of my ancestors. The Great Wall was the highlight of my trip as I really only understood it’s legacy and how much of a marvel this historical fortification is when I saw it with my own eyes.

Patty in Mexico (Senior Marketing Executive)

I never thought I would ever come close to an artist as famous as Frieda Kahlo. This graffiti is actually a portrait of the Mexican artist, who was well-known for her talent and dramatic life. I really enjoyed the conversations I had with the locals in Mexico and I still miss my time there.

Pamela in Bolivia (Travel Consultant)

This was my second visit to the Amazon and I entered the region via Bolivia this time. Fishing for piranhas, searching for anacondas, crocodile and caiman and swimming with pink dolphins were just some of the highlights of my trip. Being in the Amazon where I left civilisation behind and disconnected from the outside world made me treasure the simpler joys in life more.

Kaylee in Sri Lanka (Senior Travel Consultant)

The Nine Arches Bridge is a colonial-style train bridge spanning 91 metres and a height of 24 metres; it was built by the British entirely from rocks, bricks and cement with no use of steel or metal. The iconic arches of the bridges make it a very picturesque spot with the lush forest as its backdrop and I was glad to be able to enjoy this magnificent view on a hike.

Jade in Japan (Senior Human Resources Manager)

I really like this family picture we took in front of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel next to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. We had so much fun visiting the sea creatures with the boys the entire day and were greeted by the beautiful sight of the lit-up Ferris Wheel when we stepped out of the aquarium.

Hui Juan in Tanzania (Director and Co-founder)

This was my third safari trip and I spent most days watching lions this time around. We’d been following this pride of about 16 lions for a few days so seeing the whole family play around our jeep was like watching a neighbour’s cats playing. Being able to witness the loving bond between the lions gave me warm fuzzy feels.

Vivian in Australia (Senior Marketing Manager)

Having resided Down Under since early 2017, my family and I have had more opportunities to explore the gorgeous nature and overlooked places in Australia. We ventured out on this winter’s day despite a gale warning in place and were duly reminded of the powerful force of Mother Nature as strong winds lashed sand onto our faces and rain pelted down for a couple minutes. Then all was somewhat calm again and we were rewarded with splendid rays of sunshine peeking through the ominous clouds at Conspicuous Cliff Beach.