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Significant Milestones to Celebrate on These Top Holidays

Ibiza is known for being one of the party capitals of the world. Photo by Roberto Castaño / CC BY 2.0

There are so many special moments in life to look forward to, so much to be thankful for and even more occasions for celebration. You and your loved ones have likely had great times in the years past throwing parties, dining out at special places and generally just enjoying each other’s company — but nothing quite beats commemorating an extraordinary occasion on an extra-special holiday together.

Quotient delves into some of the most indulgent experiences to immortalise the major milestones in your lives. From all-day raves to ice churches to roaming safaris, you’ll see there are plenty of celebratory platforms around the world that will help you and the ones dear to you forge a lifetime of memories to cherish.

They said National Service was going to be a long and trying period and they were right. Thankfully, through the seemingly endless road marches, outfield exercises and guard duty on the weekends, you had your best pals from your platoon and company to count on. Now that you’ve all completed your 2-year mandatory military service and earned your rest signalled by the Operationally Ready Date, you couldn’t be more thankful for each other and you all feel as if the world is yours to conquer.

What better way is there to celebrate this bolstering friendship and freedom than with an extravagant party the likes of which you’ve probably only dreamt about before? Make those fantasies come true at Ibiza, one of the most lauded party spots in the world. Hobnob with energetic dancers, fellow party-goers and even the occasional celebrity or two if you’re lucky. When the group feels like taking a breather, an exclusive VIP section is also available for the group to enjoy the thumping beats amongst yourselves.

Within Asia, the allure and exuberance of Seoul is hard to resist. With an abundance of nightlife options, most of which offer the ubiquitous soju shots, the day will beckon before you know it. There’s also plenty to occupy yourselves with; soak in famous sights in the city such as the Namsan Tower and Gyeongbokgung Palace or bury yourselves knee-deep in glorious shopping. Starry-eyed Korean pop fans can also consider stopping by the big entertainment companies in search of their favourite stars.

Photo by Jeff Wallace / CC BY 2.0
British Columbia is an explorer’s playground. Photo by Jeff Wallace / CC BY 2.0

You’ve slogged long and hard on the path of education for more than a decade. Thankfully, the memories of cramming for exams through the night and madly striving to finish dastardly projects are now memories of the past. With your graduation from the paper chase finally looming, an unforgettable holiday to round off this phase of your life is well-deserved.

Take a much-needed breather and embrace the great nature in Canada with your family or friends. With towering mountains on one side, a gorgeous coast on the other and rainforests in between, British Columbia is primed for endless adventure and exploration. As a bonus, the cities also offer plenty of modern comfort for the cosmopolitan in you.

For a more exotic holiday, travel the path less wrought with your best pals on a camper van road trip in Scandinavia. Raw beauty exudes from every part of the land as majestic waterfalls and sprawling national parks dot your path. In summer, experience the fascinating phenomenon that is the Midnight Sun or dodge into the world’s first permanent Ice Hotel for a toast to a new future with ice mugs at the bar.

Photo by bjaglin / CC BY 2.0
Few venues are as unique as the Ice Church, which is re-crafted every year. Photo by bjaglin / CC BY 2.0

Wedding anniversary
The moment you exchanged your wedding vows with your spouse, you both knew that the other was inexplicably bound to you for life. Then and now, your love remains unfaltering and whether you have gone on to celebrate your silver, gold or even diamond anniversary, your loving sentiments towards each other remain steadfast.

To celebrate your companionship throughout the years striving past everything life has flung at the two of you, commemorate your anniversary in an especial manner this time. Choose to renew your vows at a romantic pavilion standing amidst the endlessly blue ocean at the Maldives. Immediately after the touching exchange, you even have the option of enjoying your second honeymoon at the island with its galore of beaches and water activities to dive into.

Alternatively, trade the tropical weather for an otherworldly experience at the Ice Church in Sweden. With the natural elements as your witness, re-join yourselves in matrimony at the one-of-a-kind venue, which is rebuilt and redesigned every winter. After the ceremony, snuggle up to your other half on a specially made sleeping bag for two laid atop a fluffy bed of reindeer skins. The fortunate may even be graced by the presence of the ephemeral Northern Lights dancing in the night sky above.

Tasmania is known for its untouched beauty. Photo by Bill Higham / CC BY 2.0
Tasmania is known for its untouched beauty. Photo by Bill Higham / CC BY 2.0

You and your spouse are understandably eager to welcome the bundle of joy that is your soon-to-be born child. To nurture mother and baby in a serene environment where the family can fully enjoy each other’s company sans distractions, consider embarking on a babymoon trip.

Stick close to home with a getaway to Fukuoka. The short six-hour flight will make air travel less uncomfortable on mummy, who will likely be itching to land. The Japanese are well known for their politeness and as a pregnant traveller, seats on public transport and general courteousness will be actively offered up. Although it is not advisable to consume raw food, the locale has plenty of other delicious alternatives ready to fill your tummies. Be sure to also stop by an onsen to soothe backaches and tired feet!

For the more adventurous, embark on a babymoon trip to Tasmania. Be warned though, getting to your destination from Singapore requires a transfer via a domestic flight or ferry. But few places in the world are as serene as Tasmania, which is well-known for its fresh air and abundant nature. With reflexology massages and daily sweet treats freshly prepared by a chef available, the trip will be a welcome respite before the hectic post-birth lifestyle descends.

Photo by Shawn Kinkade / CC BY 2.0
Hyena pups roam around Kruger National Park in South Africa. Photo by Shawn Kinkade / CC BY 2.0

Long years of hard work have escaped by with what almost seems like a time-leap and here you are standing at the road of retirement. Maybe you can’t quite believe it just yet but with the shackles of your career obligations loosening, you are now free to explore the world and embrace all the experiences that you might not have been able to before.

If you’ve yet to seek out the vast wilderness of the African landscape, now is your time to do so. Safaris are by no means short trips but you’ll soon lose yourself in the beauty of the bush such as Serengeti. With jeeps available to lead you through the rugged terrain in search of the big five, strenuous activity can be omitted entirely if travellers choose so.

Over in Ireland, the much-needed serenity of the rolling green plains offers an undeniable allure. With the noticeably slower pace of life enjoyed by the countrymen, the air almost exudes a certain sort of calmness that seeps unknowingly into you. While there, journey to iconic sights such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway, natural wonders unique to the land. Add on a smattering of historical sites and colourful cities and you’re sure to be duly entertained.